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detailed report following.

although I tried hard, I of course didn't manage to get to Tokyo anymore.
in Toyohashi a strange Japanesy guy from Peru with family in Australia invited me to some traditional food which was yummy.
afterwards he got on my nerves so I distracted myself with taking photos of this beautiful station and the youths there... they obviously don't have better to do in their holidays than hanging around the station all night and doing parapara up to imitating Johnnys' dances *_*; (some looking a lil visual)

then took the Moonlight Nagara at 0:47 to Tokyo, but didn't have a seat reservation, so I got myself a place between/under the last seats and the door, listening to Acidman.
arrived in Shinagawa at about 4:30 and took probably the very first Yamanote of the day to Shibuya.
it's strange to actually arrive with the first train instead of taking the first train home.
even here I'm kind of swimming against the stream.
when I'm going to the guesthouse in Tomigaya in the evening from let's say Shibuya, everybody else is running the other direction trying to catch the last train.
today, all the night crawlers were slowly coming out of the Karaoke bars etc, taking their way to Shibuya station.

in front of the citibank there were lying two fat dead rats...
I almost stumbled into one, a Japanese girl did and afterwards cried still for long at the shoulder of her boyfriend *_*;;
I rather thought it was funny and took a photo, when a guy accidentally kicked the one corpse forward lol.
ok, maybe I wouldn't have laughed about it either if I had been barefoot just wearing sandals x'D

then I lost my way in Tomigaya because I wanted to try some new route. but got to take some nice pictures of this rather rich area :D
and I always somehow get where I want, it just takes longer, so I arrived here at about 6.
and now I'm just going to sleep until 12 or such. two nights without sleep are no problem but not three plz
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