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I'm back in teh country.
arrived at Frankfurt Airport yesterday shortly after 6pm.
was amused by some young Japanese guys who found a snack vending machine that interesting they had to take a photo of it... (hey, you've got drink vending machines every 5 meters in your country oO;)
spent my very last Euro on a butter bretzel.
and then...
it took me only 3 hours in Germany to feel hatred for the Deutsche Bahn and be unbelievable disgusted by all those fat and/or terrible styleless people -.-;

in the end I arrived home at around 11pm and had to carry my suitcase & other heavy baggage from the more far away bus stop to our flat - nooo, I did not have to carry it enough that day, never! but I'm a strong young lady, oh I am. I can manage everything oó
got the mail inside (chibikaoru, there's a parcel for you!), phoned my Dad, chatted a little... and fell asleep on my sitting bag (ok, I've fallen asleep there so often I could actually call it sleeping bag). woke up again at 4am, brushed my teeth and climbed my real bed. and didn't set any alarm, got up at 4pm today. aaaaaah it felt so good to once sleep as long as I wished. but that's about the only thing that's good about my return so far.

I guess now I'll clean the flat a bit more, and then unpack my stuff.
Tomorrow I plan to get some copies for the one exam I didn't take yet (I passed the others btw) and on Saturday most likely my Dad will give me a visit with the motorbike, and I guess I'll ride with him back to Bremen on Sunday. Maybe before leaving we can watch a bit of Red Bull's Flyday near Cologne where alagthondiel and aldasagg are working? that would be really cool ^^
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