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this_rainy_day and me just met a guy taking his MONKEY for a walk in Harajuku! XDDD
I wanted to take a photo, but when I asked he explained me that ABU (that was her name... like the monkey in Aladdin) did not like cameras and would get really angry if she got eye contact with one.
but she obviously liked my combini bag and wanted to steal a bottle of mine xD (and my Algonquins dress.... would've killed her tho)
oh and yeah... the guy was sharing his can of whatever beverage with her *_*;;

some time before when we were drinking in front of the Lawson, a cute toasted lionhead came by, and actually smiled at us.
but it seemed he already had his personal fanclub running after him u.u too bad XD

and I guess I'll go to bed early today. staying up all night, drinking and talking are probably not the best medicine for my throat **;;;
(yeah, last night I actually felt a little drunk for the first time in my entire life...)
next night tho, we'll do that again anyway, because it's this_rainy_day's last night before she has to fly back to Berlin.
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