Kushon (taiyomi) wrote,

I just showered in my own blood.
heavy nosebleeding again. and it did not want to stop.
luckily it just happened while I took the shower.
my room's a mess at the moment because I got out everything to look what to send and what to get into the suitcase.
if anything of that had been covered in blood... or well, the lining.
Japanese coin laundry machines work with cold water only, I doubt I'd get the blood gone. so that'd mean not getting back the full deposit...
and the toilet paper in this guest house is completely used up. I wonder if I'd got the blood flow stopped with a few tissues >.<
anyway, gotta get ready and do a last bit of shopping.
I really hope they'll accept my credit card, as the woman in the post office told me they'd not -.-
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